Part 2: Bye Bye Stiff Neck – Ergonomic Working Place

by Katharina on May 31, 2011 · 0 comments

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In today’s world we mainly work sitting down at a desk in front of a computer screen, which probably sounds very relaxing if you are not the sporting type. However, many of us sit incorrectly and consequently suffer from aches and pains. In part two of this series we aim to highlight the basic rules regarding ergonomics around table and PC, so you can finally say goodbye to that stiff neck.

1. Desk

An ideal desk should be at least 160 cm wide and 80 cm deep. The height of the desk must be in accordance with the height of the office chair so that the under arms lie relatively flat on the table. This way you will prevent exerting a great amount of pressure onto your wrists. Objects should be placed within a range of 40 cm from where you are sitting so that you do not need to stretch out considerably to reach them.

2. Screen

In order to avoid unfavourable lighting conditions and reflections on your computer screen, it is recommended that you position your screen so it is facing away from any windows. A side-way incidence of light is much better for the eyes and the optimal distance to sit facing the screen is around 50 – 80 cm away. A neck and eye-friendly height is when you need to slightly look down at your screen. There are special stands available for notebooks, which raise the notebook higher presenting you with an eye-friendly working device.

3. Keyboard and Mouse

Unbelievable: the writing maniac amongst us gets around 80 000 keyboard hits per day. Newly developed ergonomic keyboards and mouses have recently been introduced onto the market to help fingers and hands remain pain-free after typing.

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