Pimp Your Day, Part 2: More Fun at Work with Pippi Longstocking

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Childhood heroes are always right, particularly when they have long and complicated names such as Pippilotta, Pinocchio, Red Riding Hood or Longstocking. You may not think it now, but a lot can be learnt from the little red-haired girl Pippi Longstocking– even in the career world.

1) Being Cheeky, Wild and Wonderful Is the Beginning

Pippi says, “Be cheeky, wild and wonderful.” Nowhere to be seen is: “be good, ordinary and always stick to the rules.” Life and innovation emerge through courage and passion which is why it is important to think positively not only at work but also in our private life.

2) Having Fun Together Strengthens Companionship

Pippi lives in an “open“ villa and you can make your office just as open. Having lunch now and again with colleagues, the odd coffee and joining in at the Christmas staff party all help contribute towards team spirit. Whoever is open to their colleagues sweetens up not only others around them but also the whole working environment. As plain as it sounds: politeness, warmth and fairness open many doors and increase productivity.

3) Giving Instead of Taking

Simply taking? Well it certainly is not Pippi’s way of doing things and it is not how she manages to exceed her expectations, transform a balloon and a bed into a plane and conquer new areas of the world with her horse, monkey and friends. Whoever wants to gain new responsibilities in society should contribute to making the world a better place. This also applies in the office: help improve your place of work, your field of duties and areas of responsibilities. Even if a lot is already predetermined you will soon notice that there is always a bit of scope. And this exact bit of scope is what makes us happier.

4) Having Aims Makes Life Easier

Even if we don’t need to save our Father from pirates like Pippi, but “only” have to finish the annual accounts, it cannot be denied that clear aims and objectives ease workload. Whoever sets themself an aim can celebrate their success when they achieve it, which also boosts self-confidence and motivation. The best thing about setting aims and objectives is that you do not always have to accomplish them on your own – as the saying goes: a problem shared is a problem halved.

Sure none of us live like Pippi in a villa and can do as we please. But having a little bit of a childish belief protects us from losing our dreams.

Which heroes from your childhood are your role models in everyday life?

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