Part 1: Career & Future: Job Success Tomorrow with Skills from Yesterday? Forget it!

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Whether we like it or not, the world is constantly changing around us, particularly “the working world.” Old skills, abilities, once acquired knowledge are just not required anymore for long-term job success. So which significant changes are actually taking place in the working world? What must we be able to do tomorrow and what will become unnecessary? What importance will “old” skills, abilities and qualities have for job success in the future? These are the questions I intend to focus on in this article.

1. The Job Market Is Becoming the Provider Market

The provider of working power. It is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to find and employ suitable employees on a short or long term basis. This is normally due to the fact that only a limited number of potential candidates are appearing on the job market. Qualified workers may no longer be available, for example, because they have managed to “discover” themselves and thus have landed on their own two feet (such as the once successful investment banker, who opened a restaurant in Switzerland). Other good workers in a company may have no desire or prospects to move up the promotion ladder and so try to find the best working environment that enables them to work according to their own needs (e.g. family commitments).

2. “Multijobs” Are Coming

It is quite common in the United States to have more than one job for ensuring survival and a better standard of living. Europe is currently following behind of this trend as the tendency to have “multijobs” normally only happens in cases of emergency, for example, lack of money to support a family. The matter of fact is: the decision to take on several jobs is down to personal needs and tendencies – some of us may have several part-time permanent positions or one fixed position and several freelance-activities.

3. Micro Jobs

Along with clever business models, the internet provides many opportunities for businesses to considerably increase their revenue with the use of marketing, press releases, eCommerce etc. New products and markets are constantly being developed and becoming available online.

4. New Definition of Working Time

It is becoming more common for us to be able to shape our working hours according to our own biorhythm. The classic 9-to-5 routine is by no means out-dated, but with increased orientation right up to an output-driven working environment (ROWE) more and more of us can decide, where, when, for how long, with which breaks we want to work. Please note: in manufacturing plants and in the health care sector, these ideas do have their limitations.

5. Jobs Which Did Not Exist Yesterday

As a result of the technology and business sectors, there are jobs which exist today that did not exist yesterday (prominent examples: specialists for Facebook-Marketing or Reputation Management). This offers the chance for people to recognise a trend and create a job before it is even fully recognised.

6. Skills from School and Further Education.

… only contribute a small part to tomorrow’s success. Of course, the ability to read, write, calculate, think logically and analytically etc are all general skills which we will continue to need in the future. However, we are already seeing that there is currently increased demand for creativity, solving and communication skills, which has not become apparent recently. Why otherwise are these topics being written about in tonnes of books and discussed in numerous seminars?

7. Bartering and Small Enterprises – End of Secret-Mongering

The golden rule: “I do what you pay me for“. This particularly concerns the area of knowledge transfer. An enormous amount of knowledge is freely available and is becoming shared and distributed in co-working spaces and skill share workshops. Know-how is initially “invested” so that it will potentially be turned into something greater, because at the end of the day, the right approach and availability is greatly influencing the job world.

Next week Bertold Raschkowski plans to reveal to you (without a crystal ball) which jobs will disappear in tomorrow’s job world in his latest guest post.

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