Pimp Your Day, Part 1 – Time Saving for the Advanced

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In this article, I intend to focus on effective time management skills for the advanced and for this reason I thought it would firstly be a good idea to ask the editors at Beyond (Katharina, Tom and Michael) for their most helpful tips on how to have a productive day. The result: different people, different approaches but one thing they all have in common is writing to-do lists on- or offline.

Which time saving type are you?

For Technology Fans

1) Apps. “Since I have had an iPhone, I am a passionate follower of self-organisation over apps. I can easily write e-mails on the go and can track all my work hours with TimeTac Mobile. The Skype app enables me to keep in contact with my colleagues in the office, which is the perfect way for me to save time as a keen public transport user.”

2) Apps. “’Evernote’ organises my life. Or at least my notes and mind maps. Practical: saves time, because I don’t need to type any more information up on the computer.”

3) Apps? No, priorities! “I only let the most important things into my inbox, newsletters, twitter messages and any other spam automatically goes into its own folder. I have simply found that when I leave Facebook, Twitter and similar social networking sites running in the background of my computer while I am at work, they mostly beome one thing: a big distraction.”

For Easy-Goers

1) No television. “I have no television so I have much more time for myself, which many other people simply do not have. I like to use the time I save on tip number 2…“

2) Sport.“At first thought it sounds more of a time consuming activity rather than a time saving one. Nevertheless sport has been proven to boost creativity and efficiency and as a diversion, exercise helps us get more out of a day. I don’t think I would be able to withstand not doing any sport!”

3) “Stay single.”“Doing several things at the same time does not help – constantly concentrating on more things at once simply leads to poor results. Singletasking is target-aimed. In order to quickly finish a task, I give my full concentration and then only change to the next task when I am completely finished and ready.”

For Realistic Minded

1) No Unused Waiting Times. “No doctor’s appointment, no train ride and no going into a café without a book, my calendar and to-dos – this way waiting I am guaranteed not to get bored.”

2) Please Do Not Disturb. “My door is always open, except when I need to finish something really important. Then I close the door, turn the radio off and get ready to work – this way I save time and energy through much better concentration”.

3) A Tidy House, a Tidy Mind. “The saying is not completely applicable to me, but keeping things neat and tidy saves me a great deal of time, as I do not need to waste any time searching for things. I try to place everything down in a way that others and I can easily find it again. Very helpful: an organised e-mail account through filtering techniques and a well thought-out method for effectively filing documents away.”

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