Application 2.0 – Facts, Trends & Tips for the Way to Your New Job

by Katharina on May 20, 2011 · 0 comments

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The internet is becoming an ever more popular choice for people as a method of applying for job vacancies, as it is undoubtedly quick, reliable and efficient. In this article, we wish to outline the benefits of using online applications and leaving those time-consuming hard copy versions behind.

In America, sending paper applications has long past its sell-by-date and now Europe is beginning to follow in its trend. After questioning 1,500 German companies, it was concluded by BITKOM that 39% of these businesses only accept applications over the internet.

Moreover, most human resource departments prefer applications by e-mail, whilst only 11% of firms offer online application forms. Big companies are particularly internet-friendly: 60% of all companies with a turnover of more than €50m use online application forms. Above all, in the IT sector, social media is becoming more significant as a method for human resource marketing, which is certainly a positive result for the environment.

Nadia and Olga from “Bewerberblog” have discovered a tool which fits exceptionally well to this new trend: on, you can optimally create appealing online curriculum vitae (CVs) in which you can even incorporate videos. The service is free and the created CV can be attached in replacement of the classic application form or sent as a PDF-version. All layouts are in English making “” the perfect choice if you are applying for a position in the USA or UK.

Dr. Zeitgeist's Tip!
If a company offers an online application form, do not even hesitate to use it! Companies have this as an option because they prefer to receive application forms over the internet.

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