On Cloud Nine? – Cloud Services for Businesses and the Self-Employed

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A spectre is haunting us – also known as the cloud. For everybody who is wondering what that actually means, simply put, the cloud is part of an IT-system (e.g. the server or software) which is operated by a service provider rather than the user. Thus you no longer need to be on-site to use the software as you can now find yourself in the “cloud”.

The widening of the internet has led to larger increase of use from the cloud, which has also brought about some misleading preconceptions regarding the service – three of which we will now examine carefully…

The Cloud is Insecure

Wrong. Why do people choose to leave their money in a bank and not at home? Well, because our money is safer in a bank and this exact way of thinking also applies to the cloud- it is safer now than ever before. However, there is one significant instability factor which can do damage online and offline; a lack of risk awareness.

Do not be frightened of the cloud; since the arrival of internet, it has long become a fixed part of our business working habits. Scandals similar to the Credit Card-GAU at Sony have clearly shown that they should avoid the theft of sensitive data like the plague. However, the majority of precautionary measures in place today are similar to overripe Swiss cheese – there are holes everywhere and what substance remains once tasted better!

For this reason it is quite natural for us to think that the only way we can protect our personal data is to stop using the internet. Many even hold the cloud responsible for such data leaking as they believe somewhere on the internet, the data is just floating around ready for hackers to snatch up. This is of course a serious error in reasoning and not true.

Data goes missing when we have reduced control over how it is saved, transferred and processed. A key factor for success in data security is to ensure that our data will not be misused when we leave a company. The biggest risks to companies is weak internal IT-infrastructure, a lack of know-how regarding data management, careless employees, offences similar to laptop theft and easily transportable media, such as USB-Sticks, which can quite simply end up in the wrong hands.

But how would it be when data did not leave a company. The cloud bunches all data together in one place where it is central, encrypted and protected with maximum security. Experts ensure for stable infrastructure by bunching up capital and knowledge in one place so that they can guarantee their customers the best possible functionality and security than any other on-site solution could offer.

Serious Companies Do Not Bank on Online-Solutions

Wrong. More and more successful companies are profiting from business solutions that use the cloud. Big players, such as, IBM and Citrix have long said good-bye to locally installed software, and the resulting success they have achieved has not gone unnoticed. For example, IBM has even managed to overtake Microsoft with a stock market value of US$214 billion.

Cloud Services have made it possible for you work from anywhere, making your important business trips hassle-free. This is because the data in the cloud can be accessed world-wide and the IT-infrastructure guarantees the service user optimum security. In particular, small and medium-sized businesses as well as the self-employed profit from the know-how of the experts and are thus are able to concentrate on their core business.

Cloud Services Are Not For Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and the Self-Employed

Wrong. These businesses and the self-employed can profit significantly from the cloud as they finally have accessibility to highly professional CRM software applications, time tracking etc. The latest tools enable efficient work-flow structures to be designed and implemented into the software so that all employees are kept in the know.

Have you always wanted to test a real cloud service for your business operations? An essential tool for innovative businesses is TimeTac. The software as a service solution offers you all advantages of the cloud as well as the ability to manage projects, track time and carry out your accounting from a single source. So why not try a 30-day free trial period today and obtain full access to the whole range of features – discover what the cloud power can do for you!

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