The Five Signs of a Home Office Job

by Michael on March 10, 2011 · 0 comments

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Are you an employee who belongs to the “knowledge worker” generation and would like the opportunity to change your working location without having to change your employer? Then we have a checklist here for you which will enable you to simply determine whether your current working activities could be carried out from home.

The Checklist:

1. Your work is not resource-intensive.

You do not require any special machines, premises etc.

2. You work with a telephone or computer.

Ideally you already have a laptop for your job.

3. Your work place uses technical resources in order to keep in contact with you online.

Communication technology, such as Smartphones, PCs, headsets, software for video telephony etc. are all used in your company in order to maintain customer and employee contact.

4. You do not need to rely on other colleagues

If you are a nurse or a mechanic, it would be very difficult for you to complete your work over the internet and without help from others. For exciting independent-location jobs, take a look at our 9 most exciting home office jobs .

5. You have access to all the data you require for completing your work at home

You should have access to your e-mail account, corporate networks and the software required for your daily tasks.

Did your job pass the check list? Wonderful. However, before you tell your boss of your plans, you should always take a closer look at your working environment:

  • Are there any others who work from home?
  • Do you have a good relationship with your boss?
  • Are you valued for your input in your company?

The more questions you can answer yes to, the better chances you will have of being able to work from home.

We wish you lots of luck!

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