Working On the Go: The Number One Job Trend!

by Bernd on March 2, 2011 · 0 comments

Working On the Go: The Number One Job Trend!

Mobile working is in! Its followers call themselves digital nomads, or mobile workers, and they all have one thing in common: they are constantly travelling and working from every part of the world as a result of modern communication technologies.

The trend from the USA has long made its way over the Atlantic, and is according to the IT- specialised journal “CIO,” the number 1 job trend until 2020.

Digital nomads are people who are able to carry out their working activities from every part of the world, without working in a fixed office. They are a product of our knowledge-based society. Laptops, smart phones and the spreading of WLAN in public spaces have laid out the foundations for this nomad way of working. If you already offer your services to customers, employees and bosses without needing to use your office desk, then you are part of this super trend.

Find out exactly what life as a digital nomad entails with the Digitale Nomaden (Video in German.) In this successful video that follows, the lives of various people are portrayed, all of whom have different sorts of careers. They only have one thing in common; their nomad life is in Berlin.

(Video in German)

Digital nomads from 2470media on Vimeo (Content in German).

What can be particularly noticeable in digital nomads is their strong desire for independence. They are mostly of the opinion that travelling to the office is unnecessary when modern means of communication now enable many of us to work on the go. The only requirement is a working internet connection!

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