Part 1: Generate New Ideas in Your Team – Tips for More Creativity at Work

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Picture this: you’re in search of a new idea but nothing is coming to you; your head just feels empty and trying to force an idea is just not working. Some creativity is required to get the next project under way and you may not realise it now, but we all have a creative flair somewhere deep down inside – you just need to know how to shake it into action. However, it is important to remember that correct task guidelines as well as an impulse for new innovation in your project management also help a great deal along the way.

Find Your Inner-Creativity

Brainstorming is known to be an effective method to help us solve problems, but it demands creativity. However, breaking out of an everyday routine can greatly inspire us, so you may find it helpful to go out into the great outdoors or even try a new sport. Simply take an unusual break and see what you can achieve.

A Change of Perspective Widens Our Horizon

Being creative at work with sporting activities and imaginative breaks is not always so simple. We often ponder for hours over a solution and seem to end up no closer than where we started. Therefore, a change of perspective can stimulate creativity, for example, if you need to relaunch a website, then put yourself in the role of a website user. This new focus will deliver new suggestions and creative ideas for solving the project.

Implement Your Team‘s Strengths

We are generally coordinated into teams for project work, as this maximises the amount and diversity of ideas generated; so in order to get the most out of your team, follow these rules highlighted below:

  • Different opinions: a team consists of workers who will all have different concepts and opinions.
  • Combine ideas with suggestions: the ideas of one person serve as a model for others and can be modified.
  • No Hierarchies: all project members are treated equally.
  • No Critic: to prevent inhibiting the idea flow, evaluate the ideas right at the end.
  • Think Out of the Box: imagination, exaggerations, crazy suggestions and free associations are all welcome.

Are you one step closer to finding your inner-creativity? If you are still in search of enlightenment, we intend to reveal to you in part 2, the best methods and tricks for generating ideas in your team.

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