Business Apps with an Edge – Three Android Apps Which Make Professional Life Easier

by Katharina on January 17, 2012 · 0 comments

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Have work to do and no Laptop? Well never fear, the Smartphone is here! The modern worker has become renowned for relying on his Smartphone in order to complete his daily work assignments on the move. This is due to the fact that for a long time now, it has been possible to carry out what the big devices can do on the smaller ones, such as managing websites, processing data, following up on financial news, generating leads and much more. There is a large variety at hand and everybody is able to choose their optimal app combination, but those who would rather not have a “jungle” of apps on their Smartphone are wise to follow this one golden communication rule: Keep it simple and stupid.

All good things come in threes, which is why we present to you the three most useful apps for android Smartphones that have been thoroughly tested by our editors.

Number 1: Quick Office

Quick Office Pro enables you to create and process MS office documents relatively easily and comfortably on your Smartphone, it also comes with a PDF viewer and is supported by Excel, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. The apps gives you the opportunity to file share directly using Google Docs, drop box etc, which is ideal for anybody who uses the office package from Microsoft.

Strengths: simple to use, good range of features
Weaknesses: only supports Microsoft Office formats, only available in English

Number 2: CamCard

Business cards are small and practical until one is given to you. Then the misery begins about whether you will take the trouble of taking note of the contact details, but in most cases the card just simply ends up in the bin. Although, one thing you can be sure of is that the moment you need the card, it will be nowhere to be seen. This is where the CamCard comes into play; the CamCard is a business card reader which stores business cards just like an address book. One quick photo snap and the app will automatically recognise the information presented on the card, which is ideal for hard-working networkers.

Strengths: business cards can be transformed quickly and simply into contacts on the Smartphone and it works in 16 different languages.
Weaknesses: The business card design, shape and colour can sometimes make it difficult for the scanner to read the information presented on the card.

Number 3: WaveSecure

Smartphone security is currently on business lips, especially when a company’s private data comes into play. WaveSecure from McAffee has convinced us that on top of standard functions, such as data protection and phone locking, further practical features are available. For example, if the Smartphone is stolen or ends up in the wrong hands, it can be tracked via GPS. The feature “WipeNow!” also allows you to delete all saved computer data on your Smartphone, which equips you with ideal protection for managing your contacts and business activities.

Strengths: automatic data protection, reliable protection of personal data in case of theft or loss.
Weaknesses: No protection against viruses and no possibility to encrypt data.

Now the ball lies in your court: Tell us your favourites.

PS: We are currently working on an app for TimeTac which will soon be available in a trial version!

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