Become a Productivity Expert and Say “Goodbye Procrastination!”

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Working in modern times not only requires successful work performance but also increased productivity. The more efficient you are at completing your work, the more free time you will have. In the times of Facebook, this is easier said than done. The range of distractions that now exist is frightening – telephone calls, e-mails, meetings and the fatal social networks. The solution: be aware of these distractions and improve your time management. But how? We have the right tips for you here and because every day only has 24 hours, start today and make the most of your time.

Golden Rule No. 1: One Thing after the Other

The first and important rule for more production: concentrate on only one task and don´t let yourself be disturbed by e-mails, texts or personal calls whilst working. The distractions deter you from your focus, important thoughts and ideas can thus be lost and you always have to restart your thinking processes.

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What to do:At the beginning of the day, check your e-mails and deal with the important ones straight away. You should never watch your inbox constantly, but have pre-determined blocks of time to check your emails and answer them in one go. If a particular task requires a high amount of concentration, switch your phone to silent.

Golden Rule No. 2: Cheat – but Do it Right!

People know of them, use them and give up on them. Nothing is worse than having a jam-packed to-do list so try to keep your daily routine separate from this list.

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What to do:At the end of every working day make a to-do list by writing down your jobs for the next day. Whether you preferences are hand-written or typed, it cannot be denied that electronic lists are more flexible and time saving. For this reason, there are note making programmes, such as, Evernote or Wunderlist, which are useful for delegating tasks and dealing with highly demanding projects. To-do lists are also incorporated into some time tracking and project management software, such as TimeTac. It is important you set out your priorities and make sure your targets are realistic. Be sure to tick off your tasks.

Golden Rule No. 3: The Worst Comes First

Have you ever had that feeling? All you want to do is push aside undesirable and difficult tasks for another day? Do not worry this is quite understandable because after all who likes to do unpleasant jobs? The problem is, however, the worst jobs are normally the most important ones.

Dr. Zeitgeist's Tip!
What to do:Peter Hinzmann highlighted in his post at “Time Management is Dead": "The Shit First." Even if you do not like the idea at first, carry out your most difficult tasks at the beginning of the day because this is the time when we have the most motivation and energy. A further advantage is that we will be able to spend the rest of the day without having too much of a guilty conscience. You will then have the worst behind you!

Golden Rule No. 4: Delegating Correctly Is Half the Battle

In addition to your main tasks there are sure to be plenty of small organizational and administrative activities, which will cost you a great deal of time. The solution: Delegate! Delegate! Delegate!

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What to do:Even if you have the feeling that you can manage to do everything, it will all add up to requiring a lot of time. Therefore, put on a friendly face and ask a colleague to support you. Always try to lend a hand, provided that you have time because nothing is more disappointing than passing on a task which does not get completed as promised.

Golden Rule No. 5: Relax

Breaks and productivity? Sounds like a contradiction? Continuous hour long working is he real way to productivity! This is what you probably think but it is not true as studies have shown that whoever does not take a break will quickly burn out. For this reason, it is important to find a balance between work and play.

Dr. Zeitgeist's Tip!
What to do:Make sure you regularly do something significant during the week, such as, meeting friends, playing sport, catching up on sleep – your body and mind will thank you for it. . If you have already been working on a difficult task for hours and do not seem to be getting any further then take a break. Go out into the fresh air and take up some exercise – this will help your brain cells swing back into action and you will increase detachment from your problems. You can then return to work with refreshed energy levels and new ideas.

How do you rate your productivity? We look forward to reading your thoughts and ideas.

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