Warning: This Job Has Past Its Sell-By-Date! – Career & Future, Part 2

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Is Your Job A Dinosaur?

The Answer is as follows: Yes. That is if the following applies: You complete many tasks which require precision, but they have to be completed in such great quantities, it would be more economical to employ a machine.

This includes all tasks which move something, for example, transportation. Tasks where it is necessary to have a good sense of proportion and a steady hand will be overtaken by machines in the near future – they are even doing it now, whether it is transporting the internal mail of a company, or stock picking for a retail order in the trade warehouse. Here are three theories as to what jobs will not be offered in the future.

1. Stock pickers have little future

We are seeing more and more automation in the retail sector. In pharmacies, medication is fished out of the store room and spat onto the counter. It is also similar for obtaining information: data, processes and answers to questions can meanwhile be easily found and processed using electronic formulas or speech recognition. Therefore a human is principally redundant.

2. It will not work without humans.

Purely machine based information acquisition and processing will not happen, good news for those digitally neglected few. Unless we ignore them completely, I am completely convinced that information providers will always have a place within an industry: especially where exclusive products and services are offered. Who wants to arrange a test drive of a Maybach with a machine?

3. Analyses and evaluations will become tasks for machines.

Tasks of an analytical nature, evaluating for example, are and will forever more be overtaken by machines. Whether it is analysing X-ray images or legal documents, a computer can do it. And will do it. It is in our own interest to maintain watch over the technical developments in branches such as speech, image recognition and robotics.

Everything well and good! And now? What must I be able to do (tomorrow as well) in order to be or become successful? Bertold Raschkowski will tell you the answer to these questions next week in his guest post.

Bertold Raschkowski (c)raschkowski   Bertold Raschkowski runs Five By Nine, a specialized website for ideas and suggestions for a healthy work-life balance and personal development. Whoever wishes can go there to find the right ideas or inspiration to work with, or can put it back on the shelf. Outside of this, he is a co-author for the blog future commerce, which focuses on trends, news and curiosities in eCommerce and Retail.

When Bertold Racschkowski is not writing, tweeting or speaking, he consults for Online-retailers and eCommerce providers, if he is not hiking or cycling through the Alps.

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