Successful Presentation Part 2: Efficient Tools for Project Presentation in Web 2.0

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With the tips from part 1, your next presentation can’t go wrong! But that’s not everything. In order to make the presentation convincing and to embed the contents in the viewer’s minds, you have to haul out the big guns; the presentation visualization! The different methods we know well enough: whiteboard, flipchart and PowerPoint. Useful instruments back in the day – today however, they don’t exactly knock your socks off, nor suffice the demands of Web 2.0. Declare war on PowerPoint! Newer tools promise more. The resulting project presentations will not only impress, but will prove beneficial in the new age of teamwork and shared tasks.


Boring slide scrolling has reached its end! Prezi uses a zoom-able Multimedia-Mindmap. What could be better to use than Prezi during an idea finding session? Distributed work and project tasks within a team are not a problem as Prezi is web based and is accessible with a multi-user mode. The creation of project presentations will take a little bit of getting used to, because the configuration differs from the normal slide principles. Pictures, words and multimedia files can be arranged across the surface of virtual mindmap. This presentation tool with a “wow“ effect has basic functional options for free usage. Further options are chargeable.


SlideRocket is one of the most user-friendly, yet comprehensive tools for project presentation. It offers pretty much everything that you could wish for in Web 2.0: teamwork, storage in the Cloud and the ability to work on a presentation over the internet. The highlight: analysis can show how effective the presentation has been, for example, who viewed the presentation and where. Users can also leave virtual comments in the project presentation. Apart from scoring highly with its intuitive and appealing interface, SlideRocket allows you to produce an original presentation with speed and efficiency. That saves time, and we all know that we don’t have enough of that in the day!

Zoho Show

Too many bells and whistles putting you off? Those looking for a simple presentation tool, that still delivers the best of Web 2.0, will be sufficed by Zoho Show. The Cloud based service offers a pleasant interface with intuitive navigation. Project work as a team, Export and Import functions and numerous design options complete the package. The plus point for multinational co-operations? Zoho Show is useable in all major languages.

As useful as presentation tools are: they often lead to creative games which are time consuming and pointless. Beautiful design is not crowned with success! Stick to the essentials – the content – and abide the design by the KISS principles. It really can’t go wrong!

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