Do Not Send! – 8 Good Reasons against Sending Emails

by Katharina on September 28, 2011 · 0 comments

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Just recently, the email and telephone were put to the test on “imgriff” in order to see which one was the most efficient means of communication. The email scored 7 points out of a total 10 and was therefore the clear winner. In spite of this, we feel that the telephone should not be left in the dark, as sending an email is not all as clean cut as it may appear…

Listed below are 8 good reasons against sending an email:

1. The Email Has More Than 5 Lines

Endless gibberish interests nobody and is often not read; therefore, get to the point in no more than 5 Lines! Otherwise it is a clear indication that the topic is too complex or long to be discussed in an email.

2. The Email Contains Criticism

There is a 99% chance that criticism in an email will be misunderstood. If you are not Mr. Super-Sensitive and a master of framing the perfect answer, then leave it. But just in case you are, do not expect that your recipient will fully understand what you meant. The solution is simply not to send – it is much better to ring up or to speak to them in person.

3. The Contents of Your Email is Urgent

Not everybody is prone to checking their emails regularly; therefore, if you have something urgent to say, you would be wise to ring your recipient up. Clearly put: nobody sits around waiting for their emails – if you need quick answers, then use the telephone!

4. The Contents of Your Email is Extremely Personal

If you have something personal to share, then it is better to say it personally. Ideally, it would be best to arrange a meeting because a personal, upfront compliment or a thank you is well remembered in person rather than in an email.

5. The Email is Spam

Is the content of your email even relevant? Or do you simply have an urge to communicate? If you suspect your e-mail as being spam, then do not click on “send.” Just so you know, addressing an e-mail to too many people is a tactic of many workplace slackers, and also when replying to say thank you to one person, you do not need to click on “reply to all”.

6. The Email Goes To More People Than You Have Facebook Friends

If your email has countless recipients then it could lead to distrust between you and your colleagues. Ask yourself beforehand, who should be on your CC list and whether or not the information you wish to send is really relevant to all.

7. Are You Playing Email Ping-Pong?

After one question develops another and suddenly before you know it, you have 100 new emails in your inbox. Some discussions are simply led better over the telephone or in person, so if after two emails you have still not managed to clear up a matter, then do yourself a favour and grab for the receiver!

8. You Could Regret Sending Your Email

Emails are not carved in stone and can to a certain extent be easily read and passed on by others, but do not be fooled: whatever you write in an email will not be lost. Therefore, it is a good idea to firstly consider carefully what you would like to write otherwise you could end up like Manchester City’s former chief executive Gary Cook

Of course the odd email now and again can be a vital part of a company’s communication stream, but too many will hold us back from our actual work and is an absolute productivity killer. Therefore, think carefully next time about whether or not you really need to send that email.

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