Guten Appetit! Eat Healthy at Work and Stay Productive and Fit: Part 2

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Have you taken our tips seriously and are now deciding to begin small daily fitness exercises at your desk? Stick at it and turn your daily training into a worthwhile habit!

Do you already lead an active lifestyle? Then it is time to go a step further and fine-tune your eating habits.

“Sit mens sana in corpore sano.” – “In a Healthy Body Lives a Healthy Mind.”

The roman philosopher Iuvenal had already worked out that in order for us to function properly, our mind needs to be well nourished. Now take a moment to think about all the things you eat during a stressful day at the office. One snack here, another one there and on the way home perhaps a filling kebab…? When you come to think of it, you are probably never really sure how much you have actually eaten and when your next meal time will be. Perhaps you may not even eat at all because you have no time or are simply not feeling hungry; but one thing is for sure, neither one extreme nor the other is ideal.

We all know the general eating rules and tips which are essential for a balanced diet: eat five small portions daily, not too many sweet things, red meat once a week, a good intake of fish and even more vegetables, rice, potatoes and fruit, and most importantly, drink at least 3 litres of water a day. So far so good, but now you are probably thinking, “how am I suppose to manage to eat healthy five times a day? And even then in small portions?”

Train New and Healthy Eating Habits

The way to success: drive, motivation and openness. On average, it takes us 66 days before we adapt ourselves to a new habit, therefore, in order to keep motivated during this time it is a good idea to seek help from experts and services, for example, iJoule. Ijoule works by using our self experience to train in healthy eating habits. The tips und tricks from the experts sum up the beginners nutrition programme, and if you are keen on meeting like-minded people, then simply log in to chat.

If you are, however, trying to avoid computers in your free-time then you may be interested in following this small experiment: note down everything you eat for a week (cheating is not allowed) and then once you have finished, attentively read the list through deciding what you could have left out and what you could replace. Choose one meal every second day and replace it with a healthy alternative; slowly you will begin to see that your whole dietary habits begin to change and fast food will start to lose its appeal.

PS: Enjoy eating out in healthy restaurants as apposed to home self-cooking and take-away Tupperware parties – not only it is good for your body, but also for your career!>

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