My Home is My Office – Welcome to the Office of the Future

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Working in the office is becoming a thing of the past as more and more people are deciding to work from home. Many companies have known for a while now whether an employee is present or doesn’t play fair and cheats the system. This is partly due to the fact that wherever we are in world, we are still able to carry out our job due to the handy invention of Smartphones and the internet.

This new trend is no great surprise for somebody who regularly, like me, works at home. Every Friday, I am in routine of leaving my bicycle at home, transforming my living room into an office and letting new ideas, drafts and texts take over my laptop screen. Contact with my colleagues is maintained via Skype and E-Mail. But what is new there? Well nothing, except how we live and work is constantly changing and that we do not particularly need to be a blogger or a teleworking mum to have our office at home.

Online collaboration tools und technologies, such as voice over IP, have contributed in making sure that the home office culture has flourished. After 1 000 experts and around 500 companies took part in a study conducted by Skype, it was revealed that flexibility to work at home is becoming the norm for more and more employees.

Unternehmen, die Home Office Jobs anbieten

More than 62% of the companies asked allow their employees to work at home and 34% of their employees occasionally spend upto an estimated 40% of their working time at home.

So does this mean out of the business clothes and into pyjamas? Unfortunately not, because with the clothes comes working moral, which is why it is important for us to still dress smartly. Even if there is no dress code in the office, dressing properly enables us to set ourselves discipline and a head start for the day. However, inexperienced home workers should take note that in order to avoid to further distractions, it is recommended we separate our work and home environments. This does not necessarily mean that we need to have our own office at home, because setting up a working corner can be just as effective at flipping that switch in our brain to work mode. The opportunity to work from home is a great motivation booster which is one of the reasons why it is ranked third for job satisfaction.

Zufriedenheitsfaktoren für die Arbeit in Unternehmen, die Home Office Jobs anbieten

Skype names the trend of working at home “The Living Workplace.” According to a study from Bitkom, 62 % of the German working population would like to have the opportunity to work at home but currently, only 10% are doing so.

So that workers are able to successfully work at home and that the trust between an employee and the company is not broken, there are now useful tools available for the recording of working hours, such as TimeTac. An employee has their own account in TimeTac, which accurately records for them the amount of hours they have worked, so nobody is left with a guilty conscience if an unplanned break is taken.

Nevertheless, working from home is nothing new – before industrialisation, the unity of work and home was normal. In many places today, a baker may live on the first floor and sell his baked goods on the ground floor. Though, it is most likely that an office worker will eventually move in next door to him, who simply has his car parked outside on most days.

To see the whole study carried out by Skype click here

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