Internal Communication in the Virtual Team: Solutions for Successful Collaboration

by Katharina on November 19, 2012 · 0 comments

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A little while ago, we purely went to the office to earn our daily bread. Nowadays, we’re working in places all over the world: at home, in a café or on the train to visit a customer; just to name a few. Independence and the chance for a better work-life balance make us jump for joy, but standing before us is a newly created challenge: communicating in a virtual team. Meetings at the round table have served their time, as well as the informal chat in the hallway. For successful cooperation in a modern day virtual team, internal communication needs to be high on the list.

Telecommunications and Digital Messaging

Although new technologies are more fascinating, there are still old, good mediums – they’re called the phone, the fax machine and the letter. Admittedly, the stress and pressure of waiting for the post to arrive does take some nostalgia away, but it is still essential for important paperwork. However, if you want collaboration in a virtual team to bear fruit, pick up the phone now and then to gain clarification and seal the deal, otherwise your virtual team will hit a collaboration brick wall. E-mail, Twitter, blogging, commenting – use these digital messaging revelations to communicate internally within your team! The virtual team is based primarily upon e-mail traffic and video conferencing via Skype, but remember not to overdo it! Too much input causes confusion and is time consuming.

Information Superhighway

Internal communication in a virtual team goes beyond verbal methods. There are concepts, scripts, proposals, presentations, tables of statistics, images and videos; without document exchange, there is no collaboration. By increasing internationalization of a company, the exchanging of documents becomes ever rarer. The solution to the misery? Collaborative writing tools. In English: web-based applications in which documents can be edited online by a virtual team. Transparent, fast and effective. The best example is Google Docs. If presentations are ever lurking around the corner in a virtual team, there are also specialised presentation tools which help aid collaboration.

Internal Business Communications

With the relocation of jobs into the home office and all feasible corners of the world, internal communication relating to work organization seems to be falling off the table. Project planning, task allocation, setting deadlines, and the most important: requests for holiday! What little break is taken by your boss shouldn’t require them to burst at the seams with holiday requests to process. However, that’s not possible in the virtual team! A transparent, cloud-based solution for internal organization of work is needed! TimeTac simplifies holiday planning, the allocation of to-dos and setting deadlines, even without meeting your colleagues. Easy and fast – for successful collaboration in the virtual team.

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