Part 1: Stay Productive and Fit at Work

by Bernd on September 21, 2011 · 0 comments

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If Mr. Hermann told you he was once a frog who hopped over a windmill but then landed on a cat and had to be rescued by superman, you would probably think he had gone mad, when in matter of fact he was actually doing something beneficial for his health. What was previously thought of as unthinkable, has become a way of life for many businesses to promote productivity and fitness at work; for example, some offices are equipped with yoga mats so that employees can enjoy some early-morning yoga before beginning work.

The reason behind this growing change in trend is simple: a healthy and content worker is a force which is quite happy to sit at their desk and exploit their full potential. Statistics have shown that regular sport on work days increases our productivity, work performance as well as the release of the hormone serotonin. Not to mention the fact that it also encourages a cooperative working atmosphere and the prevention of the feared by all “Burnout-Syndrome”. At the company “Michelin,” employees are able to take part in a well-established fitness programme and also have the opportunity to use the balance and wellness rooms on-site during their break.

Of course, it is important to make sure that a company designs a fitness programme, which fits in with their general scheme of things, is well suited to its employees and running costs do not eat away at the profits. However, not all businesses need to go to such measures to encourage fitness in their working environment, as it has been proven that sometimes a few simple fitness exercises in the office are sufficient to relieve the body of any tension.

One of these is “Monkey Toe” – this is a simple trick sometimes used to help warm up cold feet. If you would like to try to “Monkey Toe” then you firstly need to grab a pen, take your shoes off, lay them on the ground, sit up straight and then try to grab the pen with your toes similar to a monkey. Once you have caught the pen, lift your feet up as far as you can – regular training will strengthen the musculature in the soles of your feet. Read our blog next week if you are interested in increasing your fitness level and physical well-being.

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