Holiday Planning 2013: Get the Most for the Least

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The year is still in full swing, but the next is coming faster than you think. A new year means new holiday plans! Thoughtfully planning your time off around public holidays and long weekends can prove to be beneficial. Those that start their holiday planning for next year early, have a greater chance of having more free time off in a stretch.

Optimal Holiday Management

Public holidays, leave requests, weekends: To tackle holiday planning head on, all of the prior need to be visible. The time tracking software TimeTac displays them all in one view. With thanks to the calendar overview, time off can be planned and applied for, without the application itself consuming a vast amount of time. Planning holidays and submitting requests can be easily done with a mouse click.

Tips for 2013

2013 has a lot in store for us with regards to holiday planning. The vast majority of public holidays fall on weekdays, meaning plenty of long weekends which could be made even longer. If you had looked at the calendar before December this year, you would have noticed that it required a mere 4 days annual leave to have Saturday 22nd until Wednesday 2nd free; a total of 11 days for the price of 4. Well done to the smart ones out there. Whilst Christmas is often the Holy Grail for utilizing your holiday leave, here are a few tips on where you can enjoy a short break throughout the rest of the year.

For those Americans who enjoy braving the snow, utilize the birthdays of Martin Luther King Jr. and George Washington to head out to the mountains in January or February. These days both fall on Mondays, so why not apply for that Friday off and make a long weekend of it? On a slightly different temperature scale, those lucky enough to be in the United Kingdom or Australia can make a lengthy getaway during the Easter break, with Friday 29th March through Monday 1st April designated as a public holiday weekend. Why not use these 4 days for a quick trip to the sun? Or why not use it as a basis for an even longer holiday? An Australian winter is probably warmer than a British summer anyway; so if the money isn’t there, why not relax at home with your very own staycation? Lastly, for the shopaholics amongst us, why not use the Thursday of Thanksgiving as purely the start of the holidays, and dive into those shops on Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Whenever you decide to take your holiday this year, make sure you apply for it in good time to avoid disappointment. There’s nothing worse than finding that bargain deal, to then be met by a rejection for time off work. Happy planning!

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