Conflict Solutions: Efficiently Manage and Avoid Conflicts

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A shut mouth catches no flies. Don’t put the conflict solution on the back burner… that’s more than enough idioms for today. Develop an interest in finding the ideal conflict solution; even though it takes two to tango, make sure you make the first steps… sorry. Here are a few suggestions on how to behave during a conflict in the workplace, and how you can avoid further conflicts.

How do you handle a conflict?

Recognize the conflict
You work daily with the same colleagues and are forced to communicate, but something lingers in the air? You make your colleagues responsible, and they point the finger at you. An imminent conflict is looming.

How has the conflict arisen?
Think about how you have contributed to the conflict and whether the cause was justified.

Put yourself in their shoes!
How would you act if you were sitting on the other side of the table? Consider their opinions and don’t always see your view as the “good” side.

Respect your opponent and take them seriously!
If you don’t take your colleague seriously, the battlefront will harden and a solution will gallop off into the distance.

Remain civilized!
Abusive language and insults will put the brakes on finding a solution. The more emotion you bring to the table, the more difficult it is to find a solution.

Keep it to yourself!
Don’t try and pull other colleagues onto your side of the argument. It will only enlarge the conflict.

Search for common ground!
Common ground builds trust between opposite sides and breaks down barriers.

Be willing to compromise!
You can’t always have one opinion. Try to find a happy medium.

Get support!
If you are at your wit’s end with trying to find a solution, ask an uninvolved person to mediate the situation (supervisor, colleague or professional mediator.)

How do you avoid conflicts in the work place?

  • Build a good and productive working relationship with colleagues
  • Don’t bully or take advantage of weaker colleagues
  • Keep personal details to yourself
  • Be willing to give what you would expect to receive
  • Be able to take criticism

Are you in the middle of a conflict? Don’t worry – with these tips and a little bit of help, you can be sure to find a conflict solution!

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