Performance Reviews without the Sweat

by Thomas on December 31, 2012 · 0 comments

You shudder at the very thought of it: the year is almost up and the performance review is due. Do you always have that worry about justifying what you’ve done? With the correct preparation, you can skip through your performance review with flying colors. Here are a few tips on what to consider.


Consider what expectations you’re going to your performance review with. What are your goals? Listen to yourself shortly before the review and think what could potentially be held against you when you go inside? Think of suggestions for improvement; your boss wants to hear them. The mental preparation helps you to accept and process criticism better.


With a few tweaks, you can influence the outcome of your performance review. Tell your boss what you like about your job, and what you find fun, but don’t serve up any lies. Whilst your boss is trying to work out suggestions for improvement and targets for you within the company, convince them of your qualities and your loyalty to the company.

Never say die! Stay on an equal footing with your boss during the review. Signal that you want to be judged solely on your performance and use tone of voice to intensify the conversation if necessary; if it is becoming turbulent for example, show that you’re above such things and keep a solid state of mind. Anyone who actually shouts at their boss however, has already lost.

Feedback from performance reviews is often requested by those over the head of your boss. Prepare yourself to provide negative and positive criticism about the way they conducted their proceedings. Be honest! Control yourself with the negative criticism however.

During the review, set yourself realistic targets with your supervisor for your future work and collaborations. A performance review is a good opportunity to redefine how you are going to work together for the next year.


Hopefully you have understood the review that you just had. Follow the planned targets and give your best efforts to fulfill the requirements defined by your manager. Do you think that your boss isn’t keeping to their share of the bargain? Remind them of their part.

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