Facebook at Work? Work Better with Self-Discipline and Time Management!

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There are many distractions that need to be avoided if we are to work at a computer successfully. For example, one of the biggest time wasters is the internet: with just a mouse click we are able to check our Facebook status, see our followers on twitter and read our favourite online newspaper. If we don’t see a new mail alert every few minutes as well, then we become prone to automatically check our mail account. Suddenly, the notion of concentrating on what really counts becomes impossible. According to many studies, the most common distractions at work are the internet and Facebook; experts advise therefore, setting out the same rules to managers and employees that cover the purpose and extent in which the internet and, in particular, Facebook is used.

But what if we were to decide for ourselves how we should use the internet? Only then would we be able to fight our weaker inner-self and control our urge for the internet with more self-discipline and time management!

1) Work Better with More Self-Discipline

Luckily for us, self-discipline is like a muscle – it can be trained. Whoever tries to defer from using the internet but never quite seems to manage to completely break free should consider reviewing their self-discipline and time management skills. Start by grabbing yourself a good old egg timer and implement your own time limits. For example, if you find you constantly need to feel “connected,” start by seeing if you can last 30 minutes without surfing the internet and slowly try and bring this to 120 minutes.

2) Block the Internet and Facebook at Work

If you manage to completely stop using the internet, then you principally do not need to grapple with how you are also going to stop yourself from internet surfing. Individuals who do not need to use the internet as part of their job or for a certain purpose are better able to limit their internet use. Otherwise for those who struggle with their internet addiction could simply pull out the plug or deactivate the WLAN. Experience has shown however that these are often done in vain. Programmes similar to Cold Turkey disable internet use particularly well, and StayFocused for chrome subtly makes sure that not too much time is wasted on internet surfing by simply disenabling distracting websites, for example Facebook.

3) Work Better with Effective Time Management Programmes on the Internet

Self-discipline instead of bans – this concepts not only refers back to tip 1 in the article but also introduces the Time Mangement Software TimeTac. After registering with TimeTac, you can benefit from effective daily time tracking as well as learning more about your own time management and working habits. Do you waste hours of your life on Facebook every week? Can you not tear yourself away from Youtube after a lunch break? TimeTac will help you come out on top and defeat those poor online habits once and for all. Register today for a free 30 day test version!

PS: In small doses, the internet can supposedly make you more productive. This is however no excuse for pointless internet surfing; according to researchers, the positive effect can only be experienced when the internet is used for relaxation before beginning work again.

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