Business Travel: The Best Tools and Coolest Tech – Part 1

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Every journey begins with the first steps – and the right equipment! We have a few of the best tools and pieces of technology to share with you, which will help to cater for productive business travel.

Those that are often on the move know that the core equipment doesn’t just focus on power, but also portability. Disregarding laptops, tablets and the like, here are a few of the smaller, yet core equipment pieces that make working on the move easier. Useful hardware will be discussed in this article, with tools and software to follow in the next part.

Clip-on Keyboard for iPad/Tablet

Tablets are not just feather light – most are equipped with a fairly powerful battery. An external keyboard can turn a tablet into a fairly competitive laptop alternative.

USB Microphone for Video Conferences

When an important video conference beckons, a microphone should never be missing. The benefit of USB microphones: the sound quality is independent of the sound card, generally meaning they are of better quality than a conventional headset. Our favourite: Tiki from Bluemic. This little microphone is a master at removing unwanted background noise and can work in practically any situation. A comparable all-rounder is the Samson Go Mic. Either of these 2 microphones will cater for optimal sound quality during video conferences.

Headphones and Earplugs

Unwanted background noise has a great deal of influence on working environment when on the move. Remedies can be found in the forms of headphones and earplugs, depending on whether you prefer listening to music or absolutely nothing while you work. Either way, they both attempt to protect your concentration. Particularly worthwhile for those who frequently travel are moulded earplugs. Different models and professional fitting are available from hearing aid acousticians.

Adaptors and Multi-Plug Extensions

All electronic devices should follow the simple “ABC” rule when travelling: always be charging! Make sure you always have the correct adaptor with you, but don’t expect to be able to find power outlets. Compact multi-plug extension leads with surge protection are also a practical investment, but remember; even the best tablet is useless when the battery is dead!


Dry air in the plane, sleepless nights in the hotel, multiple hours working at the computer: business travels usually ask more of our eyes than a normal working day. Eye-drops with lachrymal fluid are the recommended remedy. Contact lens wearers should wear their glasses while flying to reduce unnecessary irritation.

Gaffer Tape

You can always use it! It’s particularly useful for keeping cables together, but it can be used for general repairs as well. There are many suitcases that have survived the return journey home thanks to this versatile tape.


Yes, it is a bit retro nowadays: a good, old-fashioned notebook! It doesn’t matter whether you’re a fan of the mole-skin bound books, or if you prefer no-name paper; a notebook is your ultimate companion. Writing by hand is not just something you can do anywhere, but it also helps to stimulate creativity. Use your notebook to gather ideas together in times of no internet or power.

What else do you have to bring on your business travels? We’re curious to hear your thoughts!

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