Efficiently Implementing Projects – The Top 5 Teamwork Tips for Freelancers

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Being a freelancer means first of all: to be self-responsible. And secondly: to work together with other freelancers. Be it because a job exceeds your own range of services or because the workforce of one person alone isn’t enough for a project – good teamwork is frequently sought after even in self-employment. With our tips you can productively realise projects with other freelancers.

1. Quality over quantity

‘Freelance isn’t free!’ – You should keep this saying in mind when you choose to work together with other freelancers. Those who believe they can simply delegate tasks to cheap workers will soon realise that it would have been more time-efficient and less nerve-wracking to burn the money immediately. Therefore, choose the people you want to collaborate with carefully and invest some time in team building.

2. Savvy teamwork

Cooperation with other freelancers, agencies, companies and clients function better when project planning is going according to schedule and the own work is as clear and well prepared as possible. A good preparation is therefore essential. Integrate all parties as early as during the conceptual phase, this prevents misunderstandings and enables all participants to contribute their thoughts and ideas. The more transparent the whole process is, the more efficiently you ensure that the end result corresponds with your conceptualisation.

3. Success through clear objectives

Define a definite aim, a firm schedule with milestones and a budget. Explicitly express your expectations and demands in respect to the work result. Put the agreement down in writing and keep the project in the back of your mind: even if you are not doing all the work by yourself, you alone are responsible for project management! The good news: powerful project management tools such as TimeTac support you in this process.

4. Communication, communication, communication

Misunderstandings will often emerge in the cooperation if communication among each other isn’t candid and honest. At worst, these misinterpretations surface just before the conclusion of the collaboration and cause bad blood and stress at the last nick of time. Pay attention to the following points not only in collaborations with clients but also in those with other freelancers:

  • Intelligibility: Was my message understood? If you aren’t sure: enquire!
  • Obligation: ‘It would be nice if…’ is not a good introduction of a task whose handling is imperative. Make clear announcements: What do you want done – and by when?
  • Appreciation: Communication has a relationship level in the job as well. Behind every accomplishment is the person who delivered the performance and who deserves to be appreciated accordingly.

5. Tidy working

An alleged implicitness that cannot be repeated often enough: especially in collaborations with others, attention should be paid to tidy working routines. Files that are passed on to freelancers should be coherently named and processable. Set a good example and your expectations will be fulfilled.

Are you a freelancer or project manager? Share your best tips in the comments!

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