Save Time and Increase Your Productivity at Work with Speed Reading

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The massive influx of information at our desk is increasing on a daily basis and our inbox is constantly being bombarded with lengthy projects, reports and e-mails, which take up a great deal of reading time often causing our productivity and work load to suffer. Are you in a similar situation? Well according to the German newspaper “Die Zeit”
(link in German), the ability for us to read and take in new information at work has become an absolute necessity. Experts predict that the average employee spends around three and a half hours a day reading, which is where 70% of knowledge is acquired.

However, many employers are often unaware how much time their employees dedicate to reading at work, which is one of the reasons why important tasks and productivity fall by the wayside.

This is where speed reading comes into play. The new trend promises to improve your reading time and productivity at work if you regularly attend the specifically tailored speed reading seminars.

A Quicker Way to Save Time

Speed reading enables you to quickly take in only the most relevant content– thus saving time and increasing reading efficiency. This skill gives you a huge advantage in today’s knowledge-based society by halving the amount of time you require for reading up on new topics and projects. Not only is speed reading time efficient, but the extra time you save can then be used to finish important job assignments.

Increased Productivity Step by Step

Perhaps you are now thinking that after one speed-reading seminar you will be able to read a new manuscript in one go… well that would be something! Unfortunately, speed reading is not a miracle cure and unrealistic expectations will only lead to frustration. Perhaps you have already attended a speed reading seminar and were disappointed to discover that it had not worked for you. As a rule of thumb: pay attention to reputable course providers, because only then will you be able to profit from increased productivity at work.

Here is a small overview behind the basic rules of speed reading:

  • Avoid the rereading of individual lines.
  • Overcome your inner talking when reading.
  • Enlarge your viewing range so that you are able to process more words.
  • Use reading aid for better orientation (e.g. pen, chopsticks, finger etc)
  • Use a clock so that your eyes and brain are able to adapt to the new reading pace.

Easily Eliminate Time Wasters

In addition to speed reading, productivity at work can also be significantly increased by analysing what tasks distract us the most and subsequently implementing appropriate measures to combat these. For example, you may spend a great deal of time managing your emails, arranging unnecessary meetings or even checking your Facebook status. However, software such as TimeTac can assist you in effectively managing your work habits by presenting you with concise figures and a clear analysis of your time management.

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