Wallpaper Change! The 10 Best Tips for Working on the Go

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Autumn is coming, but according to the weather forecast it’s 28 degrees outside. Your heart begins to pounce, “I like working in the office but I want to go outside”, and then your brain gasps, “well go outside then!”

The magic word here is “Working on the go.” It has been known for a while now that the coffee shop cliché has, unfortunately, long lost its appeal as it is just simply impossible to fit a coffee, workbook and mouse onto one of those miniscule coffee shops tables. And if you’re extremely lucky, no clumsy people will decorate your stylish, new MacBook Pro with a double ristretto venti half-soy non-fat decaf organic chocolate brownie iced vanilla double-shot gingerbread frappuccino.

So that your electronic working gadgets survive the trips out in the wild, below are some worthwhile tips for working on the go.

1. Stow Away Your Cables Properly

This rule applies at work and also during transport: always stow your cables away neatly and securely! Wrap the cable up in the shape of a coil, especially the power cable of your laptop.

Dr. Zeitgeist's Tip!
Experts suggest storing thinner cables with reusable cable ties (e.g. from dötz). Tip for the assiduous saver: simply use the shutter clips from freezer bags (small, with plastic encased wire pieces), they cost nothing and function perfectly.

2. Do Not Pack Too Much

Pack as little as possible and only what is necessary! Decide which tasks you need to finish and then consider whether you really need your laptop or if taking a tablet would be sufficient, or perhaps even your smart phone?

Dr. Zeitgeist's Tip!
Are you not sure what gadgets you really need for work? Write a list of all the things you have in your bag and then tick off what you actually use on day-to-day basis. Perhaps you discover that you don't even use half of the things in your bag for work.

3. Forget Coffee Shops

… except if you have an excellant concentration span or if the assignment you need to complete requires little attention. Otherwise you are best to choose a quiet location, such as a Coworking Space  or library.

4. Get the Most Out Of Your Battery

Do not expect that you will be able to charge up your laptop everywhere you go. Even if there is a good chance that you will find a plug, always be prepared for an emergency – otherwise you could find yourself running out of battery quicker than you know it.

5. Convert to your USB Stick in an Emergency

Save all current data and the most important programmes you require to work as portable apps on your USB stick. By doing this, you will always be able to complete all your pending assignments on a public pc without the use of the internet.

6. Synchronize

Most of us use several pieces of working equipment, so make switching from one to the other as hassle-free as possible with this absolute must-have: Dropbox (or other alternatives, such as, Wuala or SugarSync). Dropbox enables you simple and efficient access to all your most important data, saving you the job of manual synchronization.

Dr. Zeitgeist's Tip!
Practical little helpers such as, LastPass and Xmarks ensure that all your passwords and bookmarks are automatically synchronised.

7. Use Web Apps…

…and as often as possible. For example, save time with the web application Google Docs which lets you access your data from just about anywhere in the world!

Dr. Zeitgeist's Tip!
Discover all the fundamental tools which should never be missing from your laptop here, in our article entitled The Essential Toolbox for Home Office.

8. Do Not Rely On Pubic Internet

Normally when you urgently need WLAN, there is none to be found, but never lose connection by making sure you always have your smart phone or a prepaid dongle.

9. Security Takes Priority

Firewall and virus scanners are an absolute must when using public WLAN, but do not forget to protect yourself from physical dangers, for instance, laptop theft. If possible, you should never leave your laptop unattended. It is wise to put a password on your computer so only you have access to your documents; or how about seeing whether you could obtain an actual lock for your laptop (e.g. Kensington Lock).

Dr. Zeitgeist's Tip!
Prey does not protect from laptop theft, it is able to track down its whereabouts through Geolocation as soon as an internet connection is established from the stolen laptop.

10. Count on Experience

We have all tried working at many different places, such as the beach, on a camping bus, camping in a forest, in a park, at the swimming baths, in the university library, on an aeroplane, on the balcony… Fact: each of these places has their own story to tell. Take your time to gather your own experience on where is most productive to work, as well as listening to the experiences of others.

We look forward to hearing your own helpful tips in the comment box!

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