Windows 8 in 8 Minutes

by Katharina on September 14, 2011 · 0 comments

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Lifehacker has released a video that we simply could not hold back from showing you: in only 8 minutes you will become familiar to the most important features of Windows 8.

For those of you, who fancy trying out the new operating system from Microsoft find tips on installation from software expert Tim Bormann by following this link Windows 8 Developer Preview.

The new surface is similar to that of Windows Phone 7 and has evidentially been designed with tablets in mind.

At a first glance the software looks very attractive but the experiment could turn out just like another vista-disaster. In particular, the user login design could prove to be an obstacle for desktop users without a graphics tablet, but luckily there are still alternatives available with the classic password submission…

What is your first impression of Windows 8? Top or flop?

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