Working on Vacation? Profit from Self-Management and Optimal Time Tracking Software

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The well-deserved vacation can finally begin! … until you hear the blissful sound of your mobile ringtone. You would rather just not answer but your inner-conscience urges you to press that answer button and low and behold, a work colleague desperately requires your help to finish an important project. Suddenly that blissful vacation has long swum into the ocean, leaving you behind to carry on working – sound familiar?

According to a recent poll conducted by regarding stress management, many people do not take vacation often enough, which can lead to stress problems, reduce productivity and severly lower general well-being. Even if we do decide to take that well-deserved break, around half of us tend to work during this time (especially men in highly qualified positions.) For many, working on vacation has become a ‘job illness.’ We are constantly addicted to checking our smartphones and although high-speed internet access has relieved us of a lot of everday stresses, it has at the same time negatively influenced the time we spend on vacation. The simple reason for this is that we tend to relax less because of constant location-independent availability.

Avoid Working on Holiday through Effective Self-Management

In order to be fit for the day ahead and full of energy, you must be able to release and let others assist you, even if you already feel in control. Perfectionists and control addicts often suffer from burn out, depression and high blood pressure. However, with thoughtful self-management, we will show you how you can prepare yourself well in advance, so that the thought of work feels like a distant memory as soon as you step onto that sunny beach:

  • Make you sure you have completed or delegated any pending tasks long before the start of your holiday.
  • Set realistic deadlines for tasks.
  • If possible, avoid setting deadlines at or around the time of your vacation.
  • If you are going away on a trip, then take one or two days off beforehand to get yourself into vacation mode.
  • Turn off your Notebook and smartphone, or just leave them at home!

Advantages of Time Tracking Software

Many employees find it difficult to detach themselves completely from work, ready for vacation paradise. This is either due to the fact that somebody in the office is in need of important advice regarding formal decision-making, current projects get out of hand or you just simply find yourself ringing up out of personal curiosity. If you are feeling this applies to you, then whip up your time management skills with TimeTac! TimeTac is time tracking software specifically designed for businesses to track the total amount of time each employee works on a daily basis, as well as on specific tasks recorded in the software. Therefore, this package is ideal for keeping up to date with business activities, even when you are on vacation, and alongside the many other features offered in TimeTac, the programme also ensures that hours spent working on vacation are not lost. Why not take advantage of the free 30-day trial run of the software offered today!

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