Get Out of the Traffic Jam and Back into Life!

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Are you clueless about what you want from life? No? Good, because that may have led to a rude awaking. If you are brave enough to read on then go ahead…

Some Interesting Facts of Our Time

According to a study conducted by “Geo Wissen”, the average German spends around five years of his life eating, half a year sitting on the “Tron” (aka the toilet), two weeks kissing, and 17 days for harvesting, hunting or fishing. As you can see, we have advanced far with the development of technology!

But the alarming fact is that, in spite of everything, we have still not managed to overcome the small negative things in life. The average citizen generally spends around two years of their life in a car and six months of this time is spent stuck in a traffic jam – mostly on the way to work.

Time is Precious – Use the Present Wisely!

Of course you could give this modern day rat race the cold shoulder by refusing to take part in life’s daily events, and opt rather for sweet idleness… well at least until you are fed up and have no more money to spare. At this point, you will probably have to sell your car and the discussion about how you wasted the past two years of your life sleeping in a vehicle would best be avoided. Moral of the story: even if you decide to become a society reject, you will not find happiness.

The solution is simple: make use of each day. Our thoughts are often focused on the future or the past, but very rarely on the present. Allow yourself to enjoy the here and now; for example, instead of driving to work you could take the train and use the time you save just for you. Modern businesses even allow their employees to choose their own place of employment and working hour patterns – essentially giving them more flexibility for the finer things in life.

Der Campingbus von Bernd: Taugt auch als mobiles Büro

Work is where you are! The next time you are out and about, why not treat yourself to a little break by visiting somewhere new?

Work is where you are: for this reason, it is important to occasionally take a break from your old habits and thought patterns by trying something new. A good idea would be to take a different route when you are commuting between home and work. Just remember that not only will a new approach benefit you, but also your employer and the environment.

The average office work place costs a company around € 123 000 per year; however, the incorporation of techniques such as working from home can save a company more than half of this. In addition to high productivity levels, companies also profit from a pleasant working environment, because when it comes down to it, content employees bring more turnover with less fluctuation.

With all these advantages in mind, the question still remains as to why we are often stuck in a traffic jam… we look forward to receiving your comments…

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