The Essential Toolbox for Home Office

by Thomas on August 26, 2011 · 0 comments

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We have all thought about which tools we should have in our arsenal once we have chosen the right computer, but listed below are some tools we find essential for any computer…

Logo SkypeSkype: well-known and essential for keeping in contact with colleagues and partners. It is free to start using the programme – to speak, see and instant message other people – and you can use Skype on whatever works best for you – on your phone or computer or even a TV.

Alternative: Google Talk is amongst Skype as one of the most widely used online communication tools.

Google DocsUploading documents by email has become a thing of the past with the use of Google Docs. This feature enables you to quite simply access and process your documents online, automatically saving any changes you make.

Alternative: Zoho Docs – snazzy and very user-friendly in the free, basic version. For passionate Microsoft fans, we suggest you use Office 365.

Log Me In For remote access to your computer, in case of a login problem for example; Log Me In allows users to share screens and gain remote support from colleagues.

Alternative: For those that would rather use a German solution, there is TeamViewer

Logo SimplyNoise A home office can be so quiet, but how about some gentle background noise to help increase your concentration levels? Try out the different sounds from to keep you motivated (or to pacify the children!)

Zeiterfassung TimeTac Logo Not a tool in a classic sense, but a very important concept to help keep you focused on work is discipline. TimeTac is a piece of time tracking software that enables you to quickly analyse whether you could use your time at work more efficiently.

Which tools can you recommend? And according to you, what are the dos and don’ts for the home office computer?

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