Time to Chat – Enjoy Successful Meetings Across Different Time Zones

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Uninvited telephone calls at midnight are normally what you would expect from a drunken ex-partner, but receiving these from colleagues is often impolite and can result in a very uncomfortable conversation.

Although often considered as common sense, sometimes we may forget that our business partner is in a country with a different time zone from where we are located – thus leading us to ring them at 4am! But then again, how are we supposed to know what time it is in every country of the world without memorising it? We are, after all, no world time clock.

World Time Buddy and Time.is are two practical tools that can help us quickly determine what time it is in every possible location of the world….


Elegant, simple and timeless are three words to describe the design of Time.is: The website displays current, synchronised times for more than 7 million locations in the whole world.

TimeIs zeigt elegant die Ortszeit verschiedener Städte dieser Welt

World Time Buddy

The biggest advantage of World Time Buddy is its intuitive operation. Due to the clear visual display, you are able to optimally plan meetings with colleagues in different time zones and all appointments can be sent directly by email or imported into your Google calendar.

World Time Buddy: Sehr praktisch fürs Planen von Konferenzen bei Zeitverschiebung

Do you know of any other tools? Which do you prefer to use the most?

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