Setting Goals and Achieving Them: All Good Things Come in Threes… or More – Guest Post by Peter Hinzmann

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Normally we are told that all good things come in threes, but when it comes to setting goals and achieving them, we believe you can never be given too much advice. So following up on my last blog entry “Setting Goals and Achieving Them: All Good Things Come in Threes”, highlighted below are 6+ tips which will make it much easier for you to remain on the right track:

1) Learn, Learn, Learn!

Acquiring a “Go with the Flow” mentality is essential for dealing with obstacles that you may encounter on your path to success. But remember that learning is not simply just about obtaining qualifications and passing exams; a much better approach is to be task-orientated with the goings-on that are currently present in your life. The internet can be a great advantage to us here as it enables fast and uncomplicated learning, which is, in most cases, free of charge.

2) Do Not Give Up!

“No pain, no gain!” Imagine a mountaineer: the effort out into training, equipment costs, dedicated hours of learning, the long journeys, invested time – all of these things are offset the moment the top of the mountain is reached and the breath-taking view can be admired.

3) Do Not Give Up!

The crucial part as to whether you are successful or not comes into play after setting your main goals and priorities. This is normally due to that fact that working out of the office is unfamiliar and difficult. It can be tiring for us to focus, so for this reason it is important we always think of what motivated us in the first place, leave our working life behind and capture some self-determination.

When I, after several months of blogging, had not enticed any name-worthy readership, I was just about to give up on the whole blogging project, but then somebody gave me some very good advice – “Hang in there and never give up!” This strength of inner-determination distinguishes the blogs which are still there in years to come from those which after a few months have already disappeared from the screen…

If a project fails then sometimes it helps just to take the time to accept it and move on, but what may also sometimes help…

6+) Take it Easy!

Now and again it is important to take a break and let life drift you in its path, because constantly striving for success may lead to us to “over-do” it and potentially cause health problems, such as, stress, insomnia, low self-esteem etc. So why not take a nice stroll in the park and let things simply come to you – you deserve it.

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