Is Time and Independent Working Location All Just One Big Myth? – Guest Post by Peter Hinzmann

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For centuries people have wondered how they could make things simpler, quicker and better. The answer: the internet; where the virtual can become reality. This facility has enabled us to complete many tasks once thought unthinkable, for example, time and independent working location.

I asked a number of workers if they thought it was possible to work out of the office environment, without set working hours and without their water cooler, but for many this surprisingly did not come into question. It seemed that the fear of the “unknown” was obviously greater than its potential gain. Many take kindly to the idea of having a work place at a fixed location with fixed working hours, in a fixed hierarchy, as this explicitly suggests security and a structured working day. For example, precsise starting and finishing times are foreseeable, as is the time when the canteen serves lunch.

Stress at work is no secret; we just need to observe statistics regarding stress related illnesses to see this. Therefore, when asking ourselves whether we really want to shape our working lives without the security of a regulated workflow pattern; the answer is mostly likely no.

Moreover, it goes without saying that the topic of time and independent working location is complex – it demands various organisational and personal requirements and above all, the ability to manage our time efficiently. In order to come to a conclusion about whether time and independent working location is right for you; firstly you must ask yourself if you can get your priorities right.

At first thought, the whole idea of time independent working sounds great. The ability to work when you want to with the latest devices; but even the topic of “working from home” gears itself up to be problematic. The home environment surrounds you with noise and constant distractions, while others in your family are living their lives; even leaving the house to find a comfortable spot in a coffee shop does not suit everybody

However, fear not, mobile time tracking software has been available on the market for quite a while and is absolutely essential for helping us structure our work setting.

I personally have a “traditional” job in which I play an active role in many projects, in various teams, at several locations. In my spare time, I also enjoy writing blogs and lead a “normal” family life. You may be asking yourself how I manage to keep in control of everything in my life; I plan on sharing with you in part two of this guest post: Setting Aims and Achieving Them – 6+ Tips for Time and Location Independent Working.

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