Setting Goals and Achieving Them: All Good Things Come in Threes – Guest Post by Peter Hinzmann

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Last week I focused critically on the topic of time and location independent working in my blog entry: Is time and independent working location all just one big myth? This week I am going to tell you the answer: No, it is not a myth, but a mighty challenge as one must learn to take charge and face life’s set backs.

1) Setting Goals and Priorities!

If you are employed, then you would have been made aware, at some point, of the aims and objectives your company has specifically set out and the part you must play in helping them achieve these goals. However, even if you are unemployed and “free,” so to say, you would certainly have set yourself personal aims which you hope to achieve one day. The fact of the matter is that we all have objectives, so it is essential that we are clear to ourselves exactly what these entail in order to achieve success.

2) Do Not Let Yourself Become Distracted

You must learn to not let yourself become distracted. The key factor in preventing this is to know exactly what you are striving for (aims!) and what is required from yourself to achieve them. Whether you follow in Steve Pavlina’s footsteps and stop distractions by changing your personal habits or copy Tim Ferris’ and use them to your advantage in your career; the decision is entirely up to you. The fundamental fact to remember is that you will not rid yourself unnecessary without knowing your most important aims and priorities. In order to further highlight this, imagine the following situation: you have convinced your 9-to-5 workers that they are able to work successfully from home. So far so good…suddenly child number 1 is standing by the door and would like to play, then child number 2 starts to want attention, then your wife (or husband) says, “Sweetheart, can you quickly…?” Get the picture?

If you want to achieve your aims then it is absolutely essential that you give them priority and organise “the rest” in your life, so that it will not interfere with goal achievement. The ability to work productively from home is a prime example of this.

3) Put Your Routine Jobs on “Autopilot”

If you have been listening carefully to the tips highlighted in this article so far you will ,hopefully, at this point have your aims clear in mind, identified any potential obstacles or distractions, and worked out how to manage your work and private life in such a way that they will not clash. Once you have reached this stage you should notice that your work level has stayed the same, only work location and your time management have altered.

However, if you still seem to be overloaded with too many commitments, appointments, demands and distractions in an unsupportive working environment, then it is time to put your routine jobs on “autopilot.” Frequently recurring, routine jobs can be completed with successful work management. For instance, paying bills, writing emails, liaising with customers and shopping are all tasks which can be done “in bulk”, so do not leave your important telephone calls until the last minute and try checking your emails once a day only.

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