Optimal Vacation Planning with Leave Day Management

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Every week, many of us are prone to working overtime in order to keep up with our fast pace society and modern demands in the business world. In most cases, filling and sorting through paperwork seems to be the biggest consumer of our time to the extent that after a long day, we often find ourselves feeling very lucky if we are able to leave the office in enough time to enjoy the last of the evening sun. If you often find yourself in this situation and feel you are ready for a vacation, then it is time to address your company leave entitlement rights.

The tips below highlight how you significantly optimise leave planning…

Statutory Holiday Entitlement

We in Europe should count ourselves very lucky in comparison to other countries around the world, as we have the most generous statutory holiday entitlements in the world. In Austria, for example, an employee may receive on average 38 days holiday per year, where as in the United States of America, workers have no statutory holiday entitlements. However, in many countries, the amount of entitled leave depends on how long an employee has worked for the company – loyalty to your employer can be rewarding!

Time Out: Step by Step

In accordance with leave entitlement set out by law, many companies have implemented their own special regulations (normally stated in your work contract.) For example, an employer may permit their workers special leave for moving house, for a wedding or a period of mourning. There is also the so-called company holiday, in which the whole company takes leave, for instance, between Christmas and New Year.

Therefore, only when you are aware of what exact rules and regulations apply in your company are you able to efficiently divide your leave entitlement. Requesting leave at the beginning of the year enables you plenty of time to organise and share your plans with friends, family and colleagues.

Leave Management; Simple and Efficient

Consciously being aware of how much leave are you entitled to, will save you a great deal of time, as unnecessary calculations regarding time off will be avoided. The software TimeTac offers you a perfect overview of your holiday entitlements, as it automatically calculates available leave in the integrated software planner, as well as taking into account leave entitlements specific to your country and company (e.g. public holidays.) Requesting leave in the programme is simple and can be easily confirmed by a manager – why not try out the 30-day, free trial today!

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