Leave Management: Effective Task Planning during Vacation Periods

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Vacation time means a wonderful time. Well, at least for those of us who are able to lie on a beach,far away from work, or even the thought of it. Meanwhile, colleagues who are left behind in the office are often pushed to their limits, which include chaos, stress and overtime, as they try to keep everything under control! The only solution: effective leave management with thoughtful task planning.

The Customer is Always Right

Understaffed and overloaded? That may be how you feel, but it will not interest your clients. However, with intelligent task planning, you can efficiently deal with to-dos and urgent inquiries during vacation periods. During popular vacation seasons for example, it is advisable to consciously schedule deadlines relating to client orders for a longer period of time. This way, clients are sure to feel positively surprised if their order is completed before the initial deadline, which will ultimately increase customer satisfaction in your business.

Renew Your Task Planning Structure

For effective leave management, long-term planning before vacation periods is particularly important, because as the saying goes, “the man who is prepared has his battle half fought.“ Decide in advance who should be delegated which tasks: perhaps it would be worthwhile having somebody stand in for you while you are on vacation.
The following measures contribute to successful task planning:

  • Classifying tasks, clients and projects by priorities. As a general rule: current deadlines should have top priority over all other tasks and projects.
  • Schedule important meetings: concentrate on the essentials – content and time.
  • Draft out to-dos and targets for the day.

Increase Productivity with Breaks

“I am not going on my break today” – this new “skipping lunch” trend is becoming increasingly popular during vacation periods and in the short-term may appear to be working, but realistically, only your health and concentration will suffer. Therefore, it is important to relax and take a well-deserved break after long working periods.

Efficiency with Overview

Effective leave planning is only possible with sensible decision-making and optimal task planning is then only possible if it is clear which projects need to be closed and how much time is available. The time tracking software from TimeTac offers project, task and customer-related analysis, and for effective leave management, you can make use of the to-do lists and time planning resources available in the programme.

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