Overtime? – Reduce your Workload with Self-Management and Work Time Tracking

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Does your working day begin bright and early and only just ends in the early hours of the evening? Is your overtime balance growing?! Many people are prone to accepting the idea of working overtime if client orders and deadlines need to be met, or if there is a shortage in staff. This can be very stressful that affects mood and, above all, our health! However, do not fear as we have found the cure to overtime misery – thoughtful self-management with continuous work time tracking.

Attention: Overtime Pitfalls!

That you work to your full capacity during your contracted daily working hours is on almost every company’s agenda, especially when client orders keep rising and deadlines are creeping up! We can end up working hours and hours of overtime. Flexitime can help to a certain extent, but even then, working hour irregularities often lead us to lose sight of time already worked. Constantly working overtime quite simply makes us stressed and unhappy as we have less time for our families and free-time.

Self-Management Instead of Work Overload

The cause of overtime must not explicitly be due to work overload; sometimes it can be a question of our self-management skills. For this reason, it is important to identify which tasks waste time and are therefore unnecessary, because we are only able to work more productively once we have determined our time wasters. In addition to this, setting deadlines and writing to-do lists can help us reduce overtime by eliminating the build up of extra work in the first place. For further tips on effective self-management and a productive way of working, read Efficient working: 7x Productive Working in only 7 Minutes.

Work Time Tracking and Bonus Time

In spite of being self-organised, do you still seem to work overtime? Time tracking work hours by means of a cloud service, such as TimeTac, guarantees fair payment of extra hours worked. The electronic work time tracking software enables you to easily analyse how much overtime you have worked and at the same time, optimise your workflow. Why not try out the 30-day free trial of TimeTac today?!

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