More Boring than Synchronized Swimming? Pump Up Your Motivation for Work!

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“Borinnnnnnnng!” Even some of the most thrilling jobs won’t spare us from some of the most boring tasks, so how can we keep ourselves motivated? Zaid Tuffaha from Work Awesome has the solution:

13 Motivation Tips to Combat Boredom at Work

1. Keep the Big Picture in Mind

One day, two builders who were working on building a huge skyscraper in New York City were interviewed.

The journalist asked the first builder, “what do you during the day?”
He answered, “I hit nails into metal rods the whole day long. Then I go home and do exactly the same the next day.”

The interviewer asked the second builder the same question.
He answered, “I look up to the sky and think… I’m building a skyscraper!”

How do you spend your day?

2. Write and Write and Write!

Writing helps you to perceive things more clearly, which is particularly beneficial for clear mental health.

You: I do not want to do this task anymore – it is so boring!

You (with a sharpened look): And why do I think this…?

3. Search for New Perspectives

Is the task is boring? Then look for ways to improve and efficiently structure your working habits.

4. Keep at It!

Do not give up. If you feel you are on the verge of giving up, then try to keep focused by constantly having your objectives and progress in mind. A helpful motivation tool is stickK. On the website you can set yourself aims and face losing money if you fail to achieve them – this way you are sure to get the motivation to tick off the boring tasks.

A tip from the Beyond-Team: if you think paying money is a bit over the top then you could always resort to using classic to-do lists and time management tools.

5. Subdivide a Task into More Manageable Parts

Use SCRUM (for technology fans), GTD (for productivity fans) or the Pomodoro-Technique (for the academics). All techniques principally work by splitting up tasks into smaller, mini-tasks and allocating every mini-task a time frame for completion. Have a clear view of all your tasks, preferably with the use of a white board.

6. Shut Your Eyes and Motivate Yourself.

Recall what you know. Take the first step… Convince yourself of the importance of the task (if it is important…).

7. Talk About It.

I find it helpful to talk to my colleagues first before starting a huge project. I ask a few of them directly as to how they would tackle the project and receive some exciting responses.

If you talk to colleagues about your boredom, then you could make yourself look lazy and unmotivated. So if you are looking for tips, then here is one: writing reports and other documents can be boring. Therefore, I think about the individuals who will look forward to reading to them. Do you have any other motivation tricks?

8. Keep Focused

Concentrate on what is important and what brings results. Try and complete tasks of similar type in one go – this way you will be finished quicker.

9. Take a Break.

Do something different for an hour.

10. Leave It.

If it’s not urgent, put it off for a day.

11. Sit Up Straight.

There is good chance you are most likely sitting there crunched up. Let me guesse you’re not smiling? Try it. Changing posture will automatically alter our mentality as well – even changing the perspective of our monitor could help; perhaps your work from a different angle will look more exciting!

12. Print Out The Task

If you can print out the task, then leave your computer and do it the old-fashioned way.

13. Stop Reading This Article and Do It.


How do you motivate yourself?

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