Work More Efficiently and Improve Productivity by 7 Times in Only 7 Minutes

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Calendar organised, email account sorted, to do list written but you still don’t seem to be getting anywhere? Then read our seven tricks and be prepared to see drastic improvements!

1. Set Realistic Goals for Yourself

The generation “Maybe” (the 20-30 year-old generation) is just lazy – they can achieve a great deal but yet they choose to do little. And why is this so? Simply put… Making decisions in a world full of opportunities is tiring. If you strive to be efficient, then you must overcome these hurdles by deciding exactly what you want to achieve and concentrating your efforts on this. If you lose focus and begin to juggle too many balls at once, you will get nowhere.

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2. Stay Pareto

The 80-20 principle will soon be 100 years old and in spite of this we often have problems abiding by it. Pareto against perfectionism – this is the real dilemma of postmodern mankind as we still need to accept that in order to improve productivity, it is important to invest time in our owns ideas.

3. Plan Your Day

Productivity expert Ivan Blatter reveals in his blog post Simply Plan Your Day how you can structure your day effectively, so that maximum productivity is achieved. Though with this in mind, it is wise that you plan your day in advance, otherwise you run the risk of not finishing all important tasks, which will essentially leave you feeling unsatisfied.

4. Forget the Myth of Multitasking

Multitasking is rubbish – it cannot be said in a nicer way. First of all, it does not exist and secondly, we only have one brain, which becomes apparent when we try to carry out more than task at once: Multitasking Not Only Creates Stress but Also Has a Negative Effect on Our Intelligence. To protect your IQ level, it is recommended that you to try the following: temporarily draw your attention away from your emails, Twitter and Facebook accounts so that you are able to concentrate on one thing at a time. In turn, you will not only find that you finish the task quicker, but also to a higher standard, because as the saying goes, “Energy flows where Attention goes”.

5. Train Your Attention Span

It is so easy to become distracted. A new idea, an exciting project, a tempting opportunity all sound much better things to focus on than what you currently need to finish… but stop! You need to keep at it. You must learn to say no to things that will not bring you closer to your goal. However this does not mean giving up on a good idea – just finish what you were currently working on before you make new plans.

6. Keep Motivated

We have a great advantage if we are able to work at what we enjoy. If our job is our passion, we will benefit from an enormous amount of motivation. Do you lack motivation at work? Then follow these Motivation Tricks before your fire burns out.

7. Keep a Clear Head

Three things you should never lose sight of: time, objectives and figures. You must set your own goals but for everything else, support is available. For example, TimeTac can assist you with your time and project management planning, which will in turn increase your productivity and efficiency. At the beginning of every journey there is always the decision about how to take the first step, but don’t stand on the side line – get going!

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