Lunch Break: Utilizing Well is Half the Battle Won

by Katharina on August 2, 2011 · 0 comments

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Breaks are pure relaxation – well at least that is how it is suppose to be but reality looks some what different. For example, the average office worker takes on average a 20 minute break and 30% spend most of this time at their desk with a lunch far different from that shown in the picture. This can lead to disastrous consequences for health and well-being. However, by following the four practicle tips outlined in this article, we will show you can break the habit:

Tip 1: Step Away from the Desk!

Taking a break at your desk is no break! Even if you are just reading the news, drinking coffee and covering your keyboard with crumbs. Do not spend your break on Facebook, but rather with your colleagues, boss and friends in the real world “out there“.

Tip 2: Soak up the Sun

It has been proved that sun light has a positive effect on our mood. Therefore, take the opportunity to spend your break outside when you can. A bit of exercise now and again speeds up metabolism and assists in balancing blood sugar levels after lunch.

Tip 3: Power Napping

A 15 minute-nap is very rewarding! If there is no opportunity to have a short snooze in your business, then bring your boss to new ideas! Or in nice weather you could even have a doze in a near-by park to catch up on your beauty sleep.

Tip 4: The Way To a Man’s Heart is through his Stomach

Do you tend to eat a foot-long hot dog or a greasy burger for a midday snack? Well what a short lived piece of happiness that is! Fattening and low-nutrient food not only negatively affects our weight, but also our mood. Therefore a much better and healthier choice at midday would be to bring your own packed-lunch from home. However, if bringing lunch from home is not your “thing,” then you may find healthier alternatives to chips in the canteen.

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