Part 5 – Getting Things Done: Reflect and Celebrate Your Success

by Katharina on July 18, 2011 · 0 comments

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You have achieved your aim! Take the time to reflect and celebrate your success so that you don’t stumble at the next hurdle.

How? Well before you move onto your challenge, you may find the following advice of some use…

Is It Worth the Trouble?

Perform a gap analysis over what you are striving to achieve and review what has been done so far. If your objective is client-related, then you may find it helpful to use a time tracking system, as in many occupations it is necessary to monitor working hours exactly in order to invoice clients afterwards. However, regardless of what sector you work in, you should at the very least, be able to account for how much time you spend on your daily jobs, so that you can identify any room for improvement.

Personally Reflect On Your Projects

It is true to say that almost all of our projects have personal and emotional attachments. Therefore, it is important to reflect on them. Think about what went well in your opinion? What could have gone better? In which situations did you feel on top/stressed? Which moments did you like the best?


Even if you did not reach 100%, motivation does not fall from the sky and efforts want to be appreciated; so once you have finished celebrating get back to work and set yourself a new aim.

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