Part 3: Career & Future – Which Competences Are Essential For Survival!

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In part 1 of this series, we explored that job success tomorrow with skills of yesterday has no chance. Then in the article “Warning: This Job Has Past Its Sell-By-Date!” we focused on which jobs in the future will most likely make humans redundant.

So which skills will you actually need in the future? Read on to find out…

1. Solution-Orientated Thinking

Solution-oriented thinking involves evaluating whether the outcome of an objective is worth the effort and motivation required to complete it in the first place. Logical thinking is crucial here and people who can show (e.g. on their CV) that they have experience in problem solving are bound for success.

2. Communication, Communication and Once More, Communication

Whoever is focused and able to communicate to their target audience has a clear advantage from the start. Communication means action. However, it also means the ability to present complicated matters in a comprehensive and convincing manner, which may sound obvious but is harder than you think! For example, the ability to communicate orally, on paper and with body language is essential for gaining the attention of your target audience. This basic principle applies, above all, to the world in which we currently live in – the world of information overflow.

3. Build Trust and Live

Trust (like respect) is the first building block for every form of relationship. Trust based relationships are strong, unburdening and long-lasting – the exact recipe for long-term success!

4. Filtering Skills

Yes you have read right: Filter. What does that mean? Read through the essentials and pick out what is important. Finding means of accessing the most relevant information is vital, as nowadays humans cannot keep up with the vast amounts of information that is produced, shared and edited.

5. Will Power and Ability

One does not go without the other. In principle, this requires no clarification. Whoever is in a position to change their situation, the activities they do, their working agreement or working location, but does not possess the will power to do so, does not stand a chance of recognizing the opportunity to learn something new. Full stop.

6. High Self-Motivation and Tolerance

Motivation comes from within. Whoever has motivation and is able to accept and learn from trial-and-error has the most potential for job-related success.

7. Empathy and Emotion

Honestly said: these are not essential, but without empathy and emotion, it is far from easy. Remember: we are only able to recognise and address the needs of others when we, too, have been in a similar situation.

Guess Which of These Skills Are New?

None! You may be surprised to hear that all of the skills mentioned in this article have been around for a long time.

Does that mean everything should be straight-forward? Not quite. We all have the potential to acquire these skills; but unfortunately, they can not be learnt in any curriculum that I am aware of. Thus we must learn these ourselves from experience and as an adult, refresh them again and again.

Fact: If we are aware of our potential then we can significantly improve our basis for success, in the now and all subsequent future challenges. What do you in order to be fit for the future?

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