Part 1: 10 Bizarre Holiday Destinations

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Where to go on holiday next? If regular holidays to sunny destinations have served their purpose, then it’s time for change! Whether you are a sport enthusiast, a day dreamer, a daredevil, a lover of nature, a health enthusiast, have a creative flare or cultural interests or are even on a budget, there is an unusual holiday destination for you which will guarantee new and once in a life-time experiences.

Holiday à la Robinson Crusoe

Vacation on a deserted island: it may sound too good to be true but it is possible at “Ideas Island“. The private islands of the Philippines were originally developed for creative minds, who wanted to let their thoughts run free. These islands are ideal for anybody who would like peace of mind.

Winter Dream in Yukon

If hot, sunny weather on a deserted island is not your style, then you may enjoy a trip to the Canadian Yukon territory. The arctic promises you miles of frozen sea and snowy forests. It is a true holiday destination of extra class where you can truly enjoy hiking in the forests, ice fishing and above all, dog sled tours. There is also nothing stopping you from staying overnight in an igloo!

Scandinavian Hotels

The boreal forests of Sweden offer nature holidays of a different kind. Harads gives you the opportunity to stay in a quirky tree hotel at a dizzy height. The tree hotels are modern places to stay and the futuristic and ecological design allows you to experience nature up close.

Dive into the History of Cuba

Cuba is definitely for those who like a good adventure. In the bays of Santiago lie 100 year old remains of an armoured cruiser from the Battle of Santiago de Cuba, which makes it the perfect location for experienced divers to enjoy the uniqueness of this underwater landscape. It is simply an unforgettable vacation.

A Journey to The Middle Ages

Sometimes it is possible to have a memorable holiday without having to travel too far away from home. If you are interested in history, then taking the opportunity to visit Burg Guttenberg in Germany will definitely not disappoint. Enjoying hearty knight dinners, live entertainers and sleeping in the “hay hotel” is how you can experience up close the way in which a knight would have lived on this 800 year-old mountain!

Have you begun to acquire a taste for an unusual holiday? If you would like to find out more about bizarre holiday destinations, then be sure to look out for part 2 of this article.

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