Part 2: 10 Bizarre Holiday Destinations

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If travelling to a deserted island, sleeping in a tree or in an ice-hotel is not for you, then hold on because there are still plenty more locations out there that you are bound to acquire a taste for. Outlined below are some more bizarre destinations to visit that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Travel between Tundra and Taiga

9000 km long rail tracks, mind-blowing views, there’s not much space, but it’s cosy. This is the train ride from Moscow to Vladivostok with the Trans-Siberian railroad. Those who don’t consider this journey as torture, but rather as an exciting adventure, should definitely think about venturing on this trip! On the “Transib” there is everything that your heart could desire: comfortable living spaces and the opportunity to learn about the culture and regional history of Russia. Interval stops along the way give you the opportunity to explore local towns as well as the Siberian nature. Not only can you look forward to this, but you are bound to meet some extraordinary people where friendships will last longer than the train journey.

A Break Behind Bars

No desire to travel much? Some holiday resorts make sure nobody leaves the site… aka jail hotels! Where at one time tough rogues and criminals sat, you can too – more or less. Real jails beds, food through the cell door and a convict’s outfit to wear- these are some of the highlights that await you at a jail hotel. It’s definitely the perfect way to experience life as a criminal! Of course, it is up to you whether you want to voluntarily spend your well earned holiday in “jail”, but one thing is for sure, it would certainly make for an interesting postcard!

Holiday in the Jungle

Escape to the jungle! Dive into the Amazon and get ready to experience off-road safaris, the wilderness and spectacular views as you travel through the “lungs of the world.” The tropics promise you a holiday of memories which will stay with you for a lifetime, so just make sure you have your camera ready!

One Dive Please!

This holiday is for those of you who would like the rare opportunity to sleep underwater amongst the fish – literally! Underwater hotels offer a breath-taking view of the sea world. The way there is often wet but the “Jules Undersea Lodge“ in Florida offers an unbeatable underwater experience.

Holiday in Motion

Highway to Hell! Imagine yourself on a motorbike with your black leather jacket hanging loosely, shades on and the wind blowing wildly through your hair. Where could you be? How about on route 66? Luckily you will not go to hell, but rather from Chicago straight through to Los Angeles. On this drive you are bound to encounter some memorable experiences, with the American diners making sure you stay nice and refreshed along the way. See famous landmarks over eight states as you pass along this 3700 kilometer stretch. However, if riding a motorcycle along the route is not something you had in mind, then why not take a look at some four-wheeled classic American cars at “Classic Car Hire World“.

If you fancy going to one of these exciting destinations, then make sure you don’t leave your holiday planning to the last minute! The time tracking software TimeTac is particularly recommended here, as it enables you to efficiently keep on track with your leave entitlement – holiday planning with TimeTac has never been so simple and quick!

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