The Team behind Beyond 9to5

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It all began in an office in the historic city of Graz, Austria. It was here that three former colleagues decided to throw away the 9 to 5 model and launch freedom of choice in working patterns and locations for us all.

Collaborating our experiences allowed the development of our time tracking software TimeTac and this blog. We hope you enjoy reading and commenting!

Here are your Bloggers:

Bernd Pichlbauer The Globetrotter – Bernd Pichlbauer

Home is where the heart is. In this case: everywhere. Argentina, Singapore, Cambodia, Mexico, Australia, the Caribbean, Brazil, Greece, Spain. The place changes, the work stays the same. With thanks to the mobile work station and its rooftop dish, also known as a VW-Bus, control is always at hand.

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Thomas Puchleitner The Inquisitive One – Thomas Puchleitner

Studied in Germany, Mexico and Austria, observed the dietary habits of Kangaroos in Australia and tucked into the local cuisine in Singapore. The world is there for you to explore. Thomas takes his time to see everything in the world – as well as his job as a software developer.

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Michael Hermann The Family Man – Michael Hermann

As solid as a rock, he monitors the situation from Austria – nevertheless, he still has time for his wife and two small children. The secret: flexible time management. When family matters demand, he pitches his desk at home.

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Katharina Schwesig The Organizer – Katharina Schwesig

Responsible for the daily operations of TimeTac, whilst additionally coordinating the correspondences and communications between employees and the outside world. Sometimes working from home, sometimes from the office, she collaborates with the experience of the TimeTac team and current trends in the labor market.

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Tanja Handl The Networker – Tanja Handl

… puts her effort into maintaining out Twitter account, Facebook page and all contacts in the outside world. If anyone has ever sent us an e-mail, it’s 99% certain that they had the pleasure of dealing with her.

Professor Zeitgeist The Man with all the Solutions – Dr. Zeitgeist

The fictional character is the expert for almost everything, from working hours to modern working patterns, seeking to provide you with tips and advice about every topic.

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